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  [ Official Version ]
[ Official Version ]

HTML · CSS · JavaScript · Java · Shell

  • In my CSE 442 (Software Engineering) class, we had one project to develop over the entire semester. My team and I decided on overhauling our original idea of the SmartMirror.
  • We scrapped all the code from the old hackathon project and developed new code. Of the many ideas we had we decided we needed to create widgets. So being on the UI team with my colleague, we developed a weather, stock, quotes, Twitter, clock, calendar, and a news headline widget. All of these widgets are customizable by using the mobile companion app. You select your location, log into Twitter, pick stocks and even news headlines that the user is interested in.
  • This version also includes code to use with a motion sensor to turn on the monitor when the user walks up to it.
  • The team also creeated a couple default themes for the user to choose from. For example, if a user doesnt have Twitter but would like everything else, we have a Business theme that would work great. The themes can be viewed in the slide show.
  • This app was developed for only Android. If you would like to see the code repository or create your own SmartMirror with our software see below!

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  [ Hackathon Version ]
[ Hackathon Version ]

HTML · CSS · JavaScript · Python

  • My team and I created a Smart Mirror in 24 hours at the University Buffalo Hackathon this fall! Out of 250+ hackers, my team took 3rd place!
  • We used a one-way piece of glass mounted to a standard computer monitor and a Raspberry Pi to power it. The glass would act as a perfect mirror until the monitor light shined through to display the desired content. Yahoo's Weather API allowed us to grab weather information for any location. We also implemented a live twitter feed to display the users timeline along with a stock ticker. The idea behind this was people constantly want to be connected to the world around them and this was a creative approach to that concept.
  • My involvement on the project was mainly the design of the interface along with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.

Android Studios · Java · XML

  • This app was created at the 2014 UB Hackathon where the time constraint was 36 hours
  • Using Android Studios and Eclipse, my team developed an android app that tracks the distance the user scrolls on their phone. We also have it track your swipe velocity in pixels per second. Features we would like to add would be to also measure distance in feet and miles as well as offer more statistics. We thought this would be an interesting statistic people probably dont think about too often.
  • Having it fully function required a jailbroken phone due to access to touch points on the touch screen. There is now an app for jailbroken iPhones that has the same functionality.



Bootstrap · HTML · CSS · JavaScript

  • In January of 2015, my first project for my web development course was to create a personal website. This was a four page very simple website. The site has grown and advanced overtime as I acquired new skills and ideas. My first website I hacked together from scratch without any frameworks and I have finally moved on from that.
  • The website you see now is designed with the latest version of Bootstrap along with JavaScipt animations and scroll features. There are other functions to implement, but I truly enjoy web design and hope you enjoy the look and feel of my website.
  • When I find some time I'd love to turn this website into a React JS site!

UBACM Website

UBACM Website

  • Aided in the development of the UB Association for Computing Machinery webiste, check it out here.

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