Hey, I'm Mike!

As a member of Lockheed Martin's RMS AMOD Program, I lead a team as a Product Owner in a high paced agile environment for a web based application's GUI and infrastructure design/ development. I bring a strong engineering background with a Bachelor of Science - BS focused in Computer Science from University at Buffalo. Working towards the completion of a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering at Cornell University end of 2020 while working full-time. Currently a second year in the Lockheed Engineering Leadership Development Program. Performing as the STEM lead for the Manassas RMS site engaging with schools in the community, gathering volunteering metrics and coordinating/leading/hosting events to inspire the next generation of engineers.

I have experience in many different areas in software engineering, but I mainly enjoy working on the back-end infrastructure of web applications along with the web UI. I work with designing the front/back-end of an application to give operators more tools to enhance data and to pull information from it. I've also been involved in improving efficiencies in DevOps processes for multiple programs. I currently am in Lockheed Martin's Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP) where I complete a 3 year rotational program schedule and develop in different environments & teams across the company.

When I am not at work, I am either gaming on Xbox or am out taking pictures. I love photography and sharing with my friends how I see the world. Visual design is something I am very passionate about, if it doesn’t look good chances are I won’t stop till it's perfect. This website is the best way I have to communicate my images and ideas to people. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone's amazing reaction to one of your own pictures.

I’ve also had a pair of hockey skates on my feet since I was 4 years old and I’ve been in love with the game ever since. Living in Buffalo has been a great place for me to develop a love for the Bills and Sabres! Now currently living in Virginia I have become an avid Capitals fan.

I am a confident, outgoing and hardworking young adult who is advancing their promising career at Lockheed Martin and I hope you enjoy the look and design of my website!

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