Work Experience

Software Engineer

July 2017

Accepted a full time position with Lockheed Martin in Manassas, VA this summer.

Mobile Application Developer

Android Studios · Java · XML

Summer 2016

Using Google's LE Bluetooth API, I'm developing an Android version of an app called iDucer. The iDucer is a Bluetooth Smart 4.0 compatible Pressure and Temperature Transducer used for the monitoring and measurement of applied pressures and temperatures. The sensor itself sends out an update of information every second. The app recieves data in 2 bit hex format then decodes and calculates the proper value and live updates the display.

The iDucer application is compatible only with GP:50's line of Bluetooth Smart transducers. It features an innovative design that allows for wireless pressure measurements in almost any location, including remote applications where conventional pressure transducers are not practical. The iDucer app allows monitoring of features such as pressure measurement, temperature measurement, battery life, pressure range, device serial number, device model number, and manufacturer device specific information.

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Undergraduate Researcher

Scala · SQL/ SQLite · Bootstrap

Summer 2016

Working on a research project called Mimir which is apart of the University at Buffalo's Online Data Interactions Lab. Mimir wraps around a traditional relational database system and allows users to explicitly track data quality through a construct called a Lens. Lenses in Mimir are analogous to stages in an ETL pipeline -- responsible for performing data cleaning or analytics tasks. Lenses explicitly track conditions that could compromise data quality. Lenses create the illusion that you're working with high quality data, allowing you to start analyzing the data right away. Using the power of provenance, Mimir can tell you how reliable your query results are, and what you can do about it. I've been working on the UI along with additional buttons to streamline data manipulation.

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Engineering Intramural

jQuery Mobile · HTML · CSS · Adobe Phone-Gap

Spring 2015 Semester

Worked with a team of undergraduates at SofTrek to create a mobile app that had the functionality to:

  • Search for an individual and view simple information about the person (name, phone, email address etc)
  • Upload images from a users phone/ access the camera
  • Login system in the app using generated tokens from the server

Softrek also required that the app would be able to work on both Andriod and iOS. The team and I decided then to use jQuery Mobile and Adobe PhoneGap. These programs would allow us to do the entire app within JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Through the use of GitHub repositories, Phone Gap would compile our code into Android, iOS and Windows versions. My main responsibility was to work on the UI as well as ensure the tokenization was done correctly for login information.

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Stereo Advantage

Stereo Advantage

IFUL Employee


The Stereo Advantage is the Advantage Co’s latest concept for consumer electronics sales. Within the IFUL Distribution Branch, I am responsible for assembling specific commercial product files and uploading the completed product to the companies website to be sold and distributed.

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